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Review Video Bonus for Marketing Hotels and Tourism - WEBSITE

One of the many bonuses you qualify for when you buy my book. The book covers the review video strategy in detail along with many other topics.
See detail on the Book >>> is looking forward to producing your 'Done-For-You' Review Video marketing camapign.  This is subject to availability.
A limited number of qualified applications will get a complementary HHR Video production. All book buyers may get the option at a very reduced cost.

Review video marketing by is a unique offer to early bird book buyers.

Over 90% of shoppers read reviews. Reviews are the new brand marketing and are now as influential as word of mouth.

Our systems help you automate vital communication and reputation management and marketing.

Review videos reach more, engage more and convert more.

Reviews and videos published to your website.

Review Video Strategy

Our Primary Goal is to create meaningful animated videos that help tell your story and will appeal to a large potential market.

The information is syndicated to the sites your potential clients use.

That includes your website, your social media and other digital media sites we build for you, as well as others we own or network with.


Free 5 Star Review Video

We will create an animated video of a 5 star review. Visually enhanced images and animation get far more attention than a standard review. It shows as well as tells and engages and converts more.


Publish & Promote

We will syndicate it to our and its associated digital network. This will give your property vast expose, generate new leads and build brand reputation. This also builds backlinks and social atcivity that can influence your search ranking.


Website Integration

We will give you a widget which will add the video, reviews and a feedback form to your website. This is important as it keeps travelers on your site longer and makes it easy for them to add reviews and feedback.


Cost Savings

We produce a Hollywood-style video animation as shown below.

If you were to hire these video spokespersons, actors, a crew of camera and film professionals, makup artists, and lighting experts, a typical production would cost over $1500 US. In addition publishing, syndicatione and marketing will cost several hundred dollars a month. In fact promotion, advertising, press relases and content marketing can vary from $100 US per month to 1500 US or more depending on the extent of marketing.


Our AllCast production team uses the latest tools and automation system so you will not have to pay these fees. Our typical rates start at $100 per month for basic production and marketing.

But you will not have to pay that - Your cost is $0.00 for a full month's service, if we work together.




See a typical basic review video.  Register now and get started with the latest reputation management and automated brand marketing. Build your brand and streamline communication.

Information needed

Provide all information that will help us target your videos well. It is all very simple and will not take more that 20 minutes. Once we recieve your application we will contact you via Skype to be sure that we can work together.

  • High Resolution background images - 1280x720 pixels
  • Must have 5 star reviews
  • Details of your property & Main features, benefits and target market
  • Website URL, Contact information
  • Skype  #
  • We will ask for 3 Refferal once the work is done.
  • If you find it helpful please  leave a positive review of the Book WEBSITE

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